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As the best Custom Karnevalsorden Hersteller in China, thousands of Fastnachtsorden and Pins are produced in Cheap Lapel Pins Factory for Individuals, Clubs, and Associations every year.

Your Best Custom Karnevalsorden Hersteller in China

No matter where you look in Germany, the order has become an integral part of carnival culture. What began as a pastiche, as an expression of disdain for the pomp and pomp of the military, has now become a significant detail of every carnival club. The expressive individual carnival orders made of metal with elaborate decorations and the unique emblem of the respective club have a high collector’s value. In order to ensure the longevity of the medals, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the carnival award in addition to an unusual design. Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of individual medals, medals, and pins for the carnival, you can be sure to receive a souvenir that will keep its color and shape for years. The massive metal medals are characterized by excellent workmanship so that they even meet the high-quality standards of convinced carnivals. Please send us an email about your idea, we will help you to make your perfect Faschingsorden with the best price based on our more than 15 years of professional experience.

What You Can Get from Karnevalsorden Hersteller

  • More than 15 Years of Faschingsorden Production Experience
  • Competitive Price from Karnevalsorden Hersteller
  • MOQ Lower as 50pcs
  • One to One, 24hrs Professional Service
  • Free Design, Unlimited Art Revisions
  • Pre Sample Approved before Bulk Production
  • 3 days for Fast Sample
  • 7 days for Fast Bulk Production
  • Disney Supplier Stringent Quality Standards
  • Door to Door Shipping Service

Wie man custom Karnevalsorden Kaufen


1. Approve Prices

Submit your design or idea of your Individuelle Fastnachtsorden to us by email. The price will be quoted, your order will proceed after you approve the price.


2. Approve Design

Artwork will be done based on your design and production technology, We will send you the artwork to get your approved. Unlimited Art Revisions until you confirm it.

Drehbare Orden

3. Receive your goods

The Karnevalsorden Hersteller will start the production after you approve the artwork. The Faschingsorden will be sent to you as soon as possible by the door to door service.

Get Your Individuelle Faschingsorden Within 10 days Or Less!

What Design of Individuelle Fastnachtsorden do You Want?

Why need to customized nice Karnevalsorden? A carnival session without an Orden Karneval is possible but completely pointless!
If you want a particularly beautiful and individual Carnival Medaillen, choose a high-quality version as a completely custom-made product. There are different versions such as art-enameled, cold-enameled, printed, or even a 3D version with an antique look. Classical medals and Orden Karneval are made in the metal colors gold or silver. This gives them a particularly elegant design even after many years. Which color you choose for the design of your individual carnival order is entirely up to you. The combination of medals with matching pins or pins is particularly nice. Each order has ribbons and cords available in various colors, which can be chosen to match the order. There are alternatives for fastening the pins. The butterfly clasp is popular here, but a long needle with a protective cap or a safety pin is also available.



The material of the Relieforden used to be zinc alloy. With about 20 plating colors in Cheap Lapel Pins Factory, the Relieforden can be plated to the color you want, such as antique gold, silver, copper, and so on. For your motif on the Relieforden, it can be colorful, just fill the colorful enamel in the Relieforden. glitter powder and rhinestones are also good choices to make the 2D Relieforden unique.

3D Orden

Custom Karnevalsorden

3D Orden is made of the die casting zinc alloy. Individuell nach Ihren Wünschen gefertigte 3-D- und Vollrelief-Orden, such as the buildings, the portraits in the sharp 3D effect. Enamel filled based on the Pantone system, color finish from shiny to antique. Shapes, texts, colors, openings, stones, cords, ribbons or chains, movable or rotatable – everything exactly as you wants. There are endless possibilities for it.

Drehbare Orden

Drehbare Orden

Cause of the rotatable part, the thickness of the Drehbare Orden can not be smaller than 4.0mm, the material must be zinc alloy. the rotatable part can be any shape as you want, it can be more than one rotatable part in one Drehbare Orden. Versatile options such as logos, emblems, dates, pictures, or moving figures expand the meaningfulness of each Custom Karnevalsorden.


KombiOrden is a multi-part medal, there is more than one part of the KombiOrden. It can be with a rotatable part as a Drehbare Orden. Usually, the material of the main part is die casting zinc alloy, and the material for the other small parts can be iron. KombiOrden can be 3D or 2D, and enamel colors filled. Printed sticker with epoxy coating as the logo for the small parts as a small DruckOrden.



DruckOrden is a cheap way for the Custom Karnevalsorden. You can print the pictures of your club logo or the photo of someone on the medal. Normally, the thickness of the Custom Karnevalsorden is 0.8-1.0mm, the material is brass or aluminum sheet. The printed area will be cover with a transparent, highly glossy, and scratch-resistant epoxy coating. You can get any shape of the DruckOrden.



Usually, the size of the Karnevalsorden is about 10-15cm for the adults. But the size of KinderOrden maybe just a half of the one for the adults. Due to the decades of the Karnevalsorden production experience, Cheap Lapel Pins understands the production of Custom Karnevalsorden in a size suitable for children, with standard motifs and individual text, based on the medals for adults.

Not Sure? Share us Your Idea,
Wir fertigen Karnevalsorden nach Ihren Wünschen!

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Karnevalsorden & Karnevalspins

The history of the Karnevals orden goes back to the organized Kölner Karneval in the 19th century. At the same time, these Karnevals orden & Karnevalspins were also the symbols of the rebellion against Prussian state authority and for the disdain for military manners. Today Karnevals orden is one of the Karnevalsartikel indispensables for the Karneval Session and the Straßenkarneval during the Karnevalssaison. They are also coveted collectibles. In addition to historical and historical topics (politics, city history, buildings, etc.), well-known personalities from politics, church, and carnival are presented on carnival orders.


For many, Karnevalsorden is a beautiful memory of the skipped days in the year. For carnival and carnival clubs, the Karneval orders are also a good way to finance their activities.
In Cheap Lapel Pins Factory, we manufacture the Orden and Pins for the clients every day. So, you can order the Medaillen and the Karnevalspins from us with popular motifs or your individual embossing any time. Let your creativity run free – no matter whether you present us a draft, provide sketches or picture templates, or describe your design in words.

Material of Custom Karnevals orden

Usually, the size of Karnevalsorden is bigger, such as 10cmx10cm or more, The material should be zinc alloy, the technology is die casting. If the size of the Karnevalsorden is small, but you want to make the motif in the Karnevalsorden or Karnevalspins with more details, the zinc alloy is the best choice for it.
For the small Karnevalspins or the Karnevalsorden without any 3D embossing, the material can be iron, the technology is die-struck. The logo on the Karnevalspins or Karnevalsorden is flat, the colors can be filled to the design. the price of the iron is cheaper than the zinc alloy. So, iron is suitable for simple products and save the budget.
If you want a quick turnaround for your Karnevalsorden, we can make the Karnevalsorden by the printing technology, the material would be brass or stainless steel, the thickness of them is about 0.8mm. Printing the logo on the both sides of them, then covering with epoxy coating to protect the logo. This is the cheapest and fastest way to make the Karnevalsorden. Another one, if the design you provide with Color gradient, then, it needs to be printed.

material of Laple pins in enamel pin manufacturer

Attachment for Karnevalsorden

There are two attachments for options, the cord, and the ribbon, as the pictures shows.
Usually, there are two colors for the cord, and without any printed details.
But for the ribbon, the standard size of ribbon is 7/8″ x 30″, so, the text or the logo can be printed on the ribbon, such as the years, the club’s name.
Both of the cord and the ribbon are the standard attachment for the Karnevalsorden in Cheap Lapel Pins Factory, but if you need to printed the logo or text on the ribbon, please contact us for more details, such as the size of the printing area, we will make an artwork of the ribbon with the printing details for you to approve.



How do I start order Custom Karnevalsorden

It is very easy to make your karnevalsorden in Cheap Lapel Pins Factory.
If you have a design for your karnevalsorden or and sample in digital form, please email the photo to us, tell us how many pieces of the karnevalsorden you need, what is the size of it, when you need them, the quotation will be sent to you in 24 hours.
If you do not have a design or sample, send us the logo, tell us the size of the karnevalsorden, describe your design in words. After we get the information, we will make an artwork for your reference in 24 hours. The artwork can be changed before you approve. The quotation will be sent after you approve the artwork.
BTW, we need your address to check the freight cost by the door to door service for you. All of the finished karnevalsorden will be sent out for you by express, such as UPS, DHL.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order required for all Custom Karnevalsorden is as low as 50 pieces per design. If you want to make limited edition custom medals, the quantity is lower than 50 pieces, for your events, we also will be very happy to do that for you.
But no matter 50 pieces or 500 pieces, we need to make a unique mold for your Custom Karnevalsorden, the cost of the set-up is fixed.

How fast to finish your Custom Karnevalsorden

After you confirm the artwork and price, it needs 7 days to finish the sample.
The sample can be sent to you for approval, but the delivery time for the sample is about 7-10 days by UPS or DHL, and you need to pay the freight charge for it. To save time and the freight cost, we usually take several photos for you to approve. When you need a rush order, we do not make a sample for your approval before bulk production.
The lead time for bulk production depends on the quantity of your order. Normally, it will take about 10 days for 50-100 pieces and 15-18 days for 100-500 pieces. For getting a better price, we advise you to buy the Karnevalsorden and the Karnevalspins one month in advance.
If you need a rush order, please tell us the deadline firstly, we can check with our production line if it is OK for this.

What finishing colors for the custom Karnevalsorden?

From our Plating colors chart, you can find more than about 20 different finishing colors in Cheap Lapel Pins Factory, you can choose one of them for your custom Karnevalsorden, shiny finishing or antique finishing.
One more, you also can make the due plating colors in your custom Karnevalsorden as gold/nickel, brass/nickel, or copper/nickel, to make your custom Karnevalsorden unique.

Plating Colors Chart

How to package the custom Karnevalsorden?

Opp bag

opp bag

Velvet box

velvet box

Velvet bag

velvet bag

Opp bag is the standard package. It is also the cheapest option.
If you want to make your custom Karnevalsorden luxurious as a high-end gift. The velvet box and velvet bag are the best ideas for it, but the velvet box is expensive, the size of the velvet box will make the total volume of the goods for shipping is big, that will cost more of the freight charge. The freight charge of the custom Karnevalsorden with the velvet bag is similar to the one in the opp bag.

How to ship the your custom Karnevalsorden?

They are many ways to ship the custom Karnevalsorden from China to you.
The fast and Convenient shipping way is Express, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, this is a door to door service shipping way, all the goods will delivery to your home, you do not need to do anything about it, just like you buy them from Amazon.
The other shipping way, as by sea, by air, by train, you need to go to do the Custom Clearance after the goods arrive your country. Of course, you can find the logistics agent in your country for it.
For the cost, the express is the most expensive way, Shipping by sea is the cheapest one.
For the delivery time, it needs 7-10 days for the express, 10-15 days by air, 15-25 by train, and 30-40 days by sea.
After comparing with the delivery time, the cost, the clients usually choose the express, door to door service, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx.
But if you know how to import the goods

Orden in vielfältiger Ausführung, Pins, Abzeichen und Aufnäher

All dies liefern wir als individuelle Sonderanfertigungen nach Ihren ganz persönlichen Wünschen und Vorstellungen.

  • Außenform nach Wunsch

  • Motiv nach Wunsch

  • Text nach Wunsch

  • Farben nach Wunsch

  • Kordel oder Band in Wunschfarbe

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