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    As the best Custom Medals Maker in China, We proudly make thousands of custom medals for different clients every day. No matter sports medals, such as running medals, bicycle medals, marathon medals, triathlon medals, or you want custom medals for your idea, please send us an email about your idea, we will help you to make your perfect medals with the best price based on our professional experience.

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    • 3 days for Fast Sample
    • 7 days for Fast Bulk Production
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    Get Your Custom Medals from Custom Medals Maker in 3 Steps


    1. Approve Prices

    Submit your design or idea of you custom medal to Custom Medals Manufacturer by email. Price will be quoted, your order will be proceed after you approve the price.


    2. Approve Design

    Artwork will be done based on your design and production technology, We will send you the artwork to get your approved. Unlimited Art Revisions until you confirm it.


    3. Receive your goods

    After you confirm, Custom medal Manufacturer will go-ahead for the production and delivery custom medals to you as soon as possible by the shipping way you approved.

    What Design of Custom Medals You Want?

    Why need to customized nice custom medals? For the participants, Medals are one of the best souvenirs for them to have a beautiful memory of the events. For the events organizer, an awesome custom medal is an attractive way to increase the number of participators in your events and build your brand in a cheap way.

    Custom Die Struck Medals

    Custom Die Struck Medals

    Die struck medals are the medals with simple processes, just stamp your logo or design to the metal, one side or both sides, the material should be iron, brass or copper, the thickness about 1.0mm to 3.0mm. The die-struck medals can be plated in different plating colors, bright style, or antique style. Colorful enamel can be filled on the medals. But the die struck medals usually to be flat design, can’t make the 3D design to very sharp.

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    Custom Die Cast Medals

    Custom Die Cast Medals

    Die-cast medals are more and more popular now. The material of die-cast medals is zinc alloy. You can make the die-cast medals in any size as D200x10mm, any shape, such as cutouts, flat or 3D, the 3D effect will be very sharp. the medals are also can be plated in any colors, Enamel can be filled in the logo. But the unit price of the die-cast medals is a bit higher than die-struck medals, cause of the different techniques and materials.

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    Custom 3D Medals

    Custom 3D Medals

    Most events organizer like to make custom medals in 3D. Usually, the custom 3D medals are in a big size, such as D100mmx6mm, to make the 3D effect sharp and the small details clearly. The weight of the medal in this size is also a bit heavy, which will make people feel the medal is a very high-class gift. If there is a figure in your design, like a running man, a boxer or portrait, custom 3D medals are the best choice for you to make the figure to the life.

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    Custom Printed Medals

    Custom Printed Medals

    There are two kinds of the printed medals, one is the custom medals with the printed sticker logo, the other is the logo printed to the metal surface directly. The material usually to be iron, which will make the total cost of the medal is cheap. For the medals with a sticker logo, there is an epoxy coating cover to protect the colors. For the other one, the logo printed in an area filled hard enamel without epoxy cover protection.

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    Custom Laser Engraved Medals

    Custom Laser Engraved Medals

    It is amazing to give participants a medal with personal information, such as their name, birthday. Custom Laser Engraved Medals can make this happen. You can laser the information in the front, the back even the side of the medals, the laser text or logo can be blacked if you need. You can laser the details in die-struck medals, die-cast medals or 3D medals, even printed medals. One design of the medal with different information, so just need one mold for the order to save the cost.

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