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As the best Custom Medals Maker in China, We proudly make thousands of custom medals for different clients every day. No matter sports medals, such as running medals, bicycle medals, marathon medals, triathlon medals, or you want custom medals for your idea, please send us an email about your idea, we will help you to make your perfect medals with the best price based on our professional experience.

What You Can Get from this Custom Medals Manufacturer

  • More than 15 Years of Custom Medals Production Experience
  • Competitive Price from Custom Medals Maker
  • MOQ Lower as 50pcs
  • One to One, 24hrs Professional Service
  • Free Design, Unlimited Art Revisions
  • Pre Sample Approved before Bulk Production
  • 3 days for Fast Sample
  • 7 days for Fast Bulk Production
  • Disney Supplier Stringent Quality Standards
  • Door to Door Shipping Service

Get Your Custom Medals from Custom Medals Maker in 3 Steps


1. Approve Prices

Submit your design or idea of you custom medal to Custom Medals Manufacturer by email. Price will be quoted, your order will be proceed after you approve the price.


2. Approve Design

Artwork will be done based on your design and production technology, We will send you the artwork to get your approved. Unlimited Art Revisions until you confirm it.


3. Receive your goods

After you confirm, Custom medal Manufacturer will go-ahead for the production and delivery custom medals to you as soon as possible by the shipping way you approved.

What Design of Custom Medals You Want?

Why need to customized nice custom medals? For the participants, Medals are one of the best souvenirs for them to have a beautiful memory of the events. For the events organizer, an awesome custom medal is an attractive way to increase the number of participators in your events and build your brand in a cheap way.

Custom Die Struck Medals

Custom Die Struck Medals

Die struck medals are the medals with simple processes, just stamp your logo or design to the metal, one side or both sides, the material should be iron, brass or copper, the thickness about 1.0mm to 3.0mm. The die-struck medals can be plated in different plating colors, bright style, or antique style. Colorful enamel can be filled on the medals. But the die struck medals usually to be flat design, can’t make the 3D design to very sharp.

Custom Die Cast Medals

Custom Die Cast Medals

Die-cast medals are more and more popular now. The material of die-cast medals is zinc alloy. You can make the die-cast medals in any size as D200x10mm, any shape, such as cutouts, flat or 3D, the 3D effect will be very sharp. the medals are also can be plated in any colors, Enamel can be filled in the logo. But the unit price of the die-cast medals is a bit higher than die-struck medals, cause of the different techniques and materials.

Custom 3D Medals

Custom 3D Medals

Most events organizer like to make custom medals in 3D. Usually, the custom 3D medals are in a big size, such as D100mmx6mm, to make the 3D effect sharp and the small details clearly. The weight of the medal in this size is also a bit heavy, which will make people feel the medal is a very high-class gift. If there is a figure in your design, like a running man, a boxer or portrait, custom 3D medals are the best choice for you to make the figure to the life.

Custom Printed Medals

Custom Printed Medals

There are two kinds of the printed medals, one is the custom medals with the printed sticker logo, the other is the logo printed to the metal surface directly. The material usually to be iron, which will make the total cost of the medal is cheap. For the medals with a sticker logo, there is an epoxy coating cover to protect the colors. For the other one, the logo printed in an area filled hard enamel without epoxy cover protection.

Custom Laser Engraved Medals

Custom Laser Engraved Medals

It is amazing to give participants a medal with personal information, such as their name, birthday. Custom Laser Engraved Medals can make this happen. You can laser the information in the front, the back even the side of the medals, the laser text or logo can be blacked if you need. You can laser the details in die-struck medals, die-cast medals or 3D medals, even printed medals. One design of the medal with different information, so just need one mold for the order to save the cost.

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The Ultimate Buying Guide of Custom Medals from Custom Medals Maker for Events Organizer

Custom Medals ManufacturerThanks to the rapid popularity of outdoor sports, such as running, cycling, and climbing, there is a great demand for the custom medals market. As one of the top Custom Medals Manufacturers in China, Cheap Lapel Pins Factory started the custom medals production from the day it was founded till now. We make thousands of bespoke medals for enterprises, schools, clubs, and associations every day. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of custom medals, we know the trend of custom medals and the demands of the clients from all over the world very well. With all of this, we are sure we can make the medals as you want at a competitive price to rocket up your business.

What is a Custom Medal

The custom medal is a powerful symbol of the quality of the job people done, such as sports, military, or other achievements. Giving a person a medal as a memento, it is an award or a great memory to him. The custom medals are the best choice cause of the cost-effective, the details of your brand can be engraved in the custom medals, that will expand your brand and grow your business.

Styles of Custom Medals in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

Based on Material:

  • Iron Bespoke Medals.
  • Brass Custom Medals
  • Wooden Bespoke Medals
  • Zinc Alloy Custom Medals
  • Aluminum Bespoke Medals
  • Pewter Custom Medals
  • PVC Bespoke Medals
  • Acrylic Custom Medals
  • Custom Interlocking Medals

Based on Use:

  • Custom Running Medals
  • Custom Swimming Medals
  • Custom Triathlon Medals
  • Custom Charity Medals
  • Custom Cycling Medals
  • Custom Football Medals
  • Custom Martial Arts Medals
  • Custom Santa Medals
  • Custom Halloween Medals
Custom Medals Manufacturer Cheap Lapel Pins Factory

Material of Custom Medals in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

material of Laple pins in enamel pin manufacturer

There are several technologies to make custom medals in Custom Medals Manufacturer. To use which one technology, it depends on the material of the medal you want.
Die casting, is one of the Liquid forming processes, the material need to be zinc alloy. The molten zinc alloy is poured into the mold to make the rough custom medals, the next process is polishing, plating, and filling the enamel colors to the recessed area of the medal’s surface to complete the design.
Die struck, is one of the Solid forming processes, the material need to be iron, brass, copper or aluminum. Cut the iron or other metal to strip style. The hydraulic machine engraves the design to the front side and the backside of the metal by the mold. Cut out the shape of the custom medals, then polishing, plating, paint filling to finish the medal.
Most of the custom sports medals need to make in Gold, Silver, and Bronze finishing. You can use bright finishing color or antique finishing color, now the antique one is more popular. We advise you to use the copper finishing to instead of the bronze one, cause the Gold and Bronze finishing are very similar, even in antique style. This is will make it is easy to find out the difference between the medal for the first place and third place.

Neck Ribbons for Your Custom Medals in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

Loops for the ribbon to attach to your medals

Slot Loop

Slot Loop

Jump Ring Loop

jump ring Loop

 Style of the ribbon to attach to your medals

1C Ribbon


Colors Ribbon

COLORS ribbon

Sateen Ribbon

Sateen ribbon

Drapes Ribbon

drapes ribbon

The one color ribbon and multi-colors ribbon are the designs of gross grain ribbons. They are the default neck ribbon designs for the custom medals in the custom medals manufacturer. The standard size of them is 7/8″ x 30″ and 1 1/2″ x 30″, both of them can be attached to Slot Loop medals and Jump Ring Loop medals, but normally, they are attached to the jump ring loop one. One-color logo or text can be printed in the gross grain ribbons.
Sateen Ribbon usually uses to be customized, the logo can be colorful as you want by heat transfer printing process.
All of the ribbons can be attached to the jump ring loop medals, and you also can choose a J-hook Clip to connect the medal and the ribbon.
The Drapes Ribbon can not be attached to the slot loop medals
To make it easier to wear, Velcro or safety buckle can be attached to the ribbon, especially to for the kids medals.

How do I start order custom personalized medals in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

It is an easy job!
If you have a design, please email us the design, and tell us how many you need. A quotation will be sent to you. After you approve the price, the sample production starts.
The format of the artwork you submit, if it is a vector file, such as EPS, AI, CDR, that will be great.
If you do not have a design, just an idea or just a logo for the custom medal, please do not worry, just send us the logo or the idea, and tell us what is the size of the medal you need. The professional custom medals designer will help you to make the artwork based on your idea and our experience. This is will cost about 1-2 days, and you can ask the designer to change the artwork to suitable for your idea, after you approved, the price will be sent for you, and production will be started after you confirm the price.

How to choose the personalized Medal styles in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

For the styles of custom medals, there is no strict distinction. Normally, the classic design is round or square medals, but for custom medals, the clients need to make the medals attractive, the shape of the medals usually based on the design, you can make it in any shape, any size, any logo, flat medals, 3D medals, with colors, without colors.
The medal can be customized with other functions, such as bottle opener, hexagon spanner.
To make your custom medal to be the unique one, there are many special features you can combine in your custom medals designs in Custom Medals Manufacturer. These amazing design highlights will dazzle your participants and help you to increase the number of athletes in your events.

The Glitter colors style will make the custom medals more glitz and glam

Glitter medals

The sliding design will give the elements of your medal the ability to get from A to B.

Sliding design medals

Make your custom medals unique by the spinning in different ways. Vertical and horizontal.

Spinning medal

With the duplex design, Put the Medals for different events together, you will find a new one.

Duplex stacking medals

Glow in the Dark
The logo of the custom medals will glow in the dark as Firefly, it is a great idea for night events.

grow in dark medals

Adding tags,  your medal will include more details, such as different brands of your sponsors.

Tagged medals

The lights medal with twinkling lights is very suitable for the Santa medals to increase holiday spirit.

LED Lights medals

The Hinged Features will make custom medals to show up more surprises to people after open up.

Hinged design medals

Want to Find a Reliable Custom Medals Manufacturer?

Katrina-from-Cheap Lapel Pins Factory

Hi, I am Katrina, the Marketing Manager of  Cheap Lapel Pins Factory. We will always be your Reliable Custom Medals Manufacturer in China. Reach me at to get a quote for your order FREE.

Is it possible to put different names or numbers on each of medals?

Yes, to put a continuous number in the medals, to make the custom medals as limited editions, Or put different names in the custom medals, is an easy way in custom medals manufacturer, we can laser the numbers or names to the medal, and they also can be colored to black.

What is the MOQ in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

The minimum order required for all Custom Medals is as low as 50 pieces per design. If you want to make limited edition custom medals, the quantity is lower than 50 pieces, for your events, we also will be very happy to do that for you.
Still, we advise you have more medals made, your professional sales representative is happy to tell you how the unit cost of the custom medal goes down sharply even ten pieces, cause no matter you order one piece or 10000 pieces, the Custom Medals Manufacturer need to make you unique custom medal’s mold for your medal, the cost of the set-up is fixed.

How long to finish my order by the Custom Medals Manufacturer

The lead time of the order depends on the quantity and the design of the custom medals.
It needs about 7 days for the samples, after the design confirmed.
For bulk production, if the quantity less than 1000 pieces, it needs about 2 weeks after the sample confirmed. If the quantity more than 1000 pieces but less than 5000 pieces, the lead time is 3 to 4 weeks.
Normally, we will mark out the lead time in the quotation for your reference. But if your order is very urgent, please tell us about the deadline for it, then we will check with the production line about the schedule, we will try our best to make the delivery time to match your target.

How long does it take to quote custom medal orders in the Custom Medals Manufacturer

To get a free quotation for a custom medals order from Custom Medals Manufacturer, you just need to send us your design of the custom medal, tell us how many pieces of the medal you need, and the other special demands, such as glow in the dark, glitter, tags and so on, then the quotation will be sent to you by email in 2 to 4 hours in the working day, and 8 hours in the weekend or holiday.
But if you just have an idea about the medal, please send us an email to tell us about the idea, then we can make an artwork free for your reference, you can ask our designer to change the artwork to match your idea, no limit. The first version artwork will be finished in 24 hours in the working days, and 48 hours in the rest days. After you confirm the artwork, the price will be quoted in 2 hours in the working day.

Can I use my photograph in the medal design?

Sure, we can make a printed sticker with your photograph to stick to the medal by 3M, dome epoxy coating cover the printed area to protect the design. But to make the printed photograph clear, the photograph must be a high-resolution JPEG, AI or PSD file above 300 DPI. If not, We do not recommend to print the photo in the medal, cause it will be fuzzy.

What plating colors I can choose from Custom Medals Manufacturer?

There are about 20 different standard plating colors you can choose for your custom medals from Cheap Lapel Pins Factory. From shiny finish colors to antique finish colors.
If you want to make the custom medals unique, Dual Plating color is a nice choice, such as gold/nickel, brass/nickel, or copper/nickel.

Plating Colors Chart

How to package the Custom Medals?

Opp bag

opp bag

Velvet box

velvet box

Velvet bag

velvet bag

Paper box

paper box

Usually, we pack the custom medals in OPP bag, there are two reasons for it:
First, the OPP bag is very light and thin, this leads to the total weight and volume is small, the freight cost will cheaper.
Second, normally, we just give the medals to participators, the package is thrown away, So, just need to use the package to protect the custom medals on the passage, the Opp bag package is the cheapest way to do this.
If your custom medals are limited edition, the luxurious package styles, such as velvet box, velvet bag, and Paper box, are the best choice, they will make your custom medals as high-end gifts.

How to ship the medals from Custom Medals Manufacturer?

How to ship the custom medals to you from China, it depends on the total weight, the bulk volume of the medals, and the delivery time, the shipping cost you can pay.
The easiest way is by Express, FedEx, DHL, UPS, for example. Express delivery of the goods to your door. This is the best way for the goods of the total weight is smaller than 50kg, cause the cost is most expensive than the other shipping ways. But the delivery time is the shortest one, about 3-10 days to around the world.
If your order is not urgent, and the total weight is also very big, more than 50kg, and your company is near to an international airport, Sending custom medals by air is a good choice for you. The price is lower than by express, and the delivery time is about 2 weeks, but it is not a door to door service, you need to go to the airport to do the Custom Clearance.
If you have a big sports game after several months, and you need a large number of custom medals for your event. Cause you have enough time to get the sports medals, the medals can be delivered by sea, it needs about 30-45 days to the countries in all of the world. But the shipping cost is the cheapest one, this is will save a lot of money for you.
Anyway, in Cheap Lapel Pins Factory, we can do any shipping you need for you.

Want to Find a Reliable Custom Medals Manufacturer?

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Hi, I am Katrina, the Marketing Manager of  Cheap Lapel Pins Factory. We will always be your Reliable Custom Medals Manufacturer in China. Reach me at to get a quote for your order FREE.